Kelley Mshomba


 Studio 7 Teacher
Phone: 202.750.6733

What is your role at DCB?
I am the Studio 7 classroom teacher.

What is your educational background?
I have a BA in theatre: performance art along with a minor in Spanish from American University. I studied abroad for a semester in Costa Rica in the fall of my senior year. After graduation, I earned my teaching certification for elementary and special education through DC Teaching Fellows and TNTP Academy.

How are you available to help parents and families?
I do my best to support parents and families by establishing relationships and open lines of communication early in the year so that they may come to me with any questions, comments or concerns throughout the year. Although I am primarily an English speaker, I do understand and speak Spanish so that I can communicate with Spanish speaking families as well.

How can parents and families contact you?
Parents and families can contact me via email at

Why are you passionate about your work?
I am passionate about my work because I love working with kids and their families and I also love learning. Something that I really value about my job is that I get to influence and encourage a love of learning in others.

What made you decide to follow this career path?
I have always loved learning and am so thankful for the education I received. I know what a valuable gift a good education is and I know that many children are not as fortunate as I have been. I became a teacher because I care deeply about all students having access to a quality education.

What about DCB appeals to you?
There are many things that appeal to me about DCB but the thing that I love the most is that DCB is a bilingual school that encourages students to learn about other cultures. I think that it is so important for kids (and adults) to have exposure to different perspectives and languages.