John Breyer


Chief Operating Officer (COO)
Phone: 202.750.6733

John Breyer serves as DC Bilingual’s Chief Operating Officer (COO).  In this role, he manages school operations and is working to help DCB secure its current building as a long-term home. Mr. Breyer also oversees all school renovations to help make DC Bilingual PCS a state-of-the-art education campus.

Mr. Breyer brings with him nearly 10 years of experience helping DC-area charter schools grow and develop through facility renovations and expansions.  Under his guidance, beautiful, more functional campuses have taken shape to better meet the needs of students, allow for increased enrollment, and enhance school programs.

In addition to his work for DC Bilingual, Mr. Breyer also serves as COO at Mundo Verde Public Charter School.  At Mundo Verde he has managed construction for a $13.25 million project and has led school operations during student growth from 260 to 500.

Prior to Mundo Verde, Mr. Breyer served as COO at Capital City Public Charter School, where he led a $24 million construction project.

Mr. Breyer has previous education experience in New Orleans, Kentucky and Colorado where he honed his leadership skills by hiring and training staff, leading after-school programs, and teaching interdisciplinary curricula.

Mr. Breyer received his MBA from Elon University in North Carolina and his Bachelor of Arts in Adventure Education from Prescott College in Arizona.

Mr. Breyer is thrilled to be a part of the DC Bilingual community and is ready to apply his skills to make our school facility a great one!