DC Bilingual is proud to offer Springboard Education Programs on site, before and after school throughout the year.

Springboard Education is one of the nation’s leading providers of extended learning programs for students at a wide variety of elementary and middle schools.

Utilizing research-based programming, Springboard’s before- and after-school programs reinforce school day learning with compelling activities that target academic skills, social and emotional development, physical well-being and healthy choices.  Parents love that Springboard programs continuously deliver exciting, motivating and fun activities for students that extend their learning into the out-of-school-time environment.

Springboard Education in America offers a truly balanced approach to extended day learning and is light years beyond traditional after-school models. They are committed to promoting the academic and social-emotional well-being of your child.  Their program is designed to be fun, with plenty of opportunities for relaxation and fitness as well as targeted homework support.  This approach ensures a child who attends Springboard on a regular basis will likely demonstrate stronger school skills during the day.

How Springboard Differs from Other Extended-Day Providers:

  •      Guided homework support from licensed teachers
  •      Research-based program designed to incorporate both fun and learning
  •      Rigorous, engaging skill-building curriculum
  •      Daily communication between the Springboard team, families and teachers
  •      Flexible scheduling to fit individual family’s needs

For more information on Springboard visit Springbaord’s website or to enroll, visit the parent portal