Performance Metrics & PARCC 2017

DCB Awarded ‘Tier 1’ Ranking by DCPCS

Special Announcement: DCB Students Produce Top Results!

DCB Community,
We are thrilled to announce that DC Bilingual Public Charter School has again achieved Tier 1 status, showing yet again that inclusive bilingual education delivers great outcomes for students.

Tier 1 is the highest ranking awarded by the DC Public Charter School Board (DCPCSB) to charter schools. Our Tier 1 ranking for the 2016-2017 school year reflects strong gains in English Language Arts (ELA) in PARCC, high achievement on the CLASS assessment, and high re-enrollment rates.

DCB particularly excelled in student academic growth, receiving the top score in the measures of how our students learn and grow from year to year.

These students’ dramatic gains can be seen by comparing how the same group of students scored on the most recent PARCC assessment compared with previous years.  For example, when our third graders took the PARCC assessment in 2014-2015, 21% received a score of 4+ in ELA. When these same students took the PARCC assessment as 5th graders in 2016-2017, 70% received a score of 4+.

DCB is committed to ensuring student academic growth and improvement during elementary school years, and to setting students up for success as they enter middle school.

Washington, DC Context:
Furthermore, these data show DCB is succeeding across the board and serving all students. DCB’s overall score ranks it fourth among all DC charter elementary schools.

DCB’s commitment to educational equity shows up repeatedly in the data. Perhaps unsurprisingly, amongst charter elementary schools enrolling more than 40 percent ELL students, DCB ranks first! Further, DCB ranked third amongst DC’s bilingual charter programs, while having the highest percentage of students qualifying for free and reduced-price lunches (in that group). We believe that this is a testament to our bilingual instructional model, which treats all students’ language skills as assets for our educational community.


Further, of DC’s top-scoring charter elementary schools, DCB has the second-highest percentage of students qualifying for free- and reduced-price lunches. Finally, amongst charter elementary schools serving more than 16 percent special needs students, DCB ranks first.

DC Bilingual received an overall score of 81, which is a 5.7-point gain from our previous score and reflects the continued success of our student-centered, academically-driven teaching approach.

You can view full report here.

About DCPCSB Tier Rankings
DCPCS awards tier rankings from 1 through 3 based on evaluations of the School Quality Report. This report compiles information on each charter school including re-enrollment, attendance, achievement, growth in PARCC, and achievement on the PreK assessment, “CLASS.”

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With DCB’s Tier 1 ranking, we celebrate our students, teachers, families and school staff for their hard work and determination in achieving our school mission each day. We are incredibly proud of what we have accomplished and we thank you for your continued support of our school.

Thank you for working alongside us to serve such a diverse student body.

Together, we lead.  Juntos somos lideres.

Thank you for all your support!

Daniela Anello
DCB Head of School