Local Charter School Advocate Interviews DCB’s Head of School



Date: 10/17/17

Author Mark Lerner has been actively involved in Washington, DC’s charter school movement and the issues surrounding school choice for more than 20 years, serving as a tutor, board of directors member, and board chair.

Mr. Lerner publishes an informational blog, entitled “PARENTS HAVE SCHOOL CHOICE KIDS WIN: Education reform in the nation’s capital.” This offering keeps up with the news within DC Charter schools and highlights trailblazers within the DC Charter space.

He recently sat down with DCB’s Head of School Daniela Anello to talk about her background, her career choices and the amazing work being done with students at DC Bilingual PCS.

Read Mr. Lerner’s post about Ms. Anello here: Exclusive interview with Daniela Anello, head of school DC Bilingual