Family Food Market

Fast Facts:

  • Market is free to families with current DCB students
  • Market is held from 11:30a.m. to 1:30p.m. in DCB Bistro
  • Always bring reusable shopping bags
  • Nearly 10,000 pounds of food are moved each Market
  • Volunteers are Always Needed. Contact Becca Roe at

DC Bilingual’s Family Food Market is just one of the ways we encourage healthy eating habits for our students and their families.

The Food Market, which is held monthly in the DCB Bistro, is supplied by the Capital Area Food Bank through special donations they receive. The market is open to families who have a student enrolled at DCB and there is no charge associated with the market.

According to the Capital Area Food Bank website, there are nearly 200,000 children and teens at risk of hunger in the Washington, DC metro area. The Family Food Markets are part of their Childhood Nutrition Programs and connect nutritious foods to students and their families. There are currently 9 Family Markets like hosted in the greater Washington, DC area. 

We at DCB hope our families will take the food home to prepare and enjoy delicious meals together as a family. Studies have shown, involving children in the cooking process allows children to better understand where food comes from, how to prepare different foods, and ultimately increases their desire to try new foods. 

Family Food Market Dates for 2017-2018: