Educational Model

Our Model

Two-way language immersion seamlessly integrates classroom instruction so all students become bilingual and bi-literate while maintaining high academic performance. Students use English and Spanish as communication tools for understanding traditional educational concepts and gain the social, physical and cognitive skills necessary for dual-language success.

Bilingual Pre-K 3-5 Math, Science, and Language Arts Programs

Bilingual education begins at age 3 at DC Bilingual. The DC Bilingual Pre-K classroom philosophy, schedule, and instructional model promote play and exploration in a variety of interest centers, emphasizing learning in small group settings alongside our targeted classroom instruction.

  • Pre-K classes are intentionally small to provide the ideal learning environment for young scholars.
  • All classrooms offer Spanish and English in a daily 50/50 inclusion model.
  • Each classroom has a native English-speaking instructor, a native Spanish-speaking instructor and a teaching assistant to ensure attentive instruction for all students.


DC Bilingual students learn to read and write in English and Spanish based on the Guided Language Acquisition Design (GLAD) principles.

  • Reading lessons include group reading, individual reading, and small group work and lessons are drawn from Social Studies and Science class materials.  
  • Vocabulary and comprehension are taught through reading aloud.
  • Writing lessons include group work, independent writing, and specialized writing groups that target word study and grammar lessons.


DC Bilingual students learn math in English based on the  Common Core Standards for Mathematical Practice. Students learn foundational principles while simultaneously learning how math skills are applied in their daily lives.


DC Bilingual students learn Science in Spanish while learning core Science and Engineering practices.

  • All students have more than 4 hours a week of Science instruction
  • Our hands-on curriculum is organized around age-appropriate STEM principles
  • DC Bilingual students read about science issues, keep a science notebook, and engage in science experiments and research throughout the year

In June, we celebrate our discoveries with a school-wide Science Fair where our students present amazing projects to Spanish-speaking scientists who serve as Science Fair judges.