Our goal is to raise $25,000 for our Community Kitchen Project by Giving Tuesday, November 28!
Help us make it happen.

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The DCB Community Kitchen Will:
  • Feed students and the community high-quality meals
  • Enhance our dynamic nutrition education programming
  • Engage families through bilingual training and job opportunities closer to their children and homes
  • Reduce waste with in-house food production and reusable plates and utensils
Why Do We Need an Updated Kitchen Space?
  • The majority of DCB students are eligible for Free and Reduced Meals
  • For many of our students, accessing the healthy food needed daily is a challenge
  • DCB is committed to providing high-quality, affordable meals and nutrition education to students
  • Expand our space into a learning kitchen where food & wellness are not only taught but experienced

Watch Us Meet Our Goal!

Food is Fundamental At DC Bilingual Public Charter School

As a part of our building modernization during the Summer of 2018, we will build a Community Kitchen – a hub for school food production and bilingual culinary education for our students, families and local community. Our Community Kitchen will not only be used to create high quality, nutritious meals for students, but also serve as a site for job development, workshops, and events.

Fast Facts


Meals produced within the DCB Kitchen each year


New jobs created for DCB families, near their children


Saved by using a dishwasher versus paper goods

10 Tons

of trash eliminated through in-house meal production

Our Plans & Timeline:

Fall 2017 Board of Directors, PTA, staff, and community members work together to develop and implement a fundraising strategy and plan of action for Community Kitchen.

Spring 2018 DCB community continues to fundraise for the Community Kitchen. Partnerships defined with local organizations to support operation of the Community Kitchen, such as Carlos Rosario, DC Central Kitchen, and DC Greens.

Summer 2018 DCB undergoes school-wide modernization project, including the build-out of the Community Kitchen. DCB partners with local organizations and businesses in the industry to hire and train community kitchen staff.

Fall 2018 DCB Community Kitchen opens its doors to serve our students. Quarterly Community Meals commence in Nov/Dec to invite families and neighbors to experience the project. Spring 2019 DCB Community Kitchen launches adult education workshops during evenings and weekends.

Want to find out more? Email Our Director of Food & Wellness, Lola Bloom

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