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Term 3 After School Club Offerings

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The following have generously made contributions to DC Bilingual’s After School Club offerings:

Abigail WrightHannah AngelsmithJaviera TohaHarrison WrightSafisha & Frank ThomasTerrel FamilyJenny PetrowAnthony & Meedie Baronille – Brianha Tyree – Emily BlancoAlex and Suzi MarchenaGabriela & FamilyLeshner FamilyMatilda & FamilyReyes FamilyThe Castillos and HammocksThe Dietsch FamilyThe JacksonThe Lindsay FamilyThe Reid FamilyVictoria’s 2nd grade familyYajaira & FamilyZaire’s family

Quick Information:

  • Term 3 Club Offering Flyers can be found here.
  • Fill out this form to enter your child into the lottery for the desired club
  • Registration closes at 4pm, Monday January 23.
  • For help registering, visit the office Tuesday – Thursday 7:30am – 8:00am
  • Registration is also available at the DCB Clubs table during Expo 1/23 8 am – 4 pm.
  • Registration spots are chosen via lottery. Students in PK – 3rd grade are not guaranteed a spot in more than one club. Children of DCB staff have preference for up to two clubs. Children of parents leading a club receive automatic enrollment into the club. Lottery results announced Wednesday, Jan. 25.
  • We request a minimum $10 donation per child, but appreciate additional support as it is used to purchase supplies, but snacks and to compensate staff.
  • Cash & Check payments are accepted. More details on the Clubs Payment Form
  • Payment is due to the office by Friday, January 27 at 3pm or spots will go to another student
  • Clubs begin week of Jan. 30

Below is a list of the After School Clubs offered by DCB for Term 3

DCB Clubs run Monday-Thursday and begin at 4:10pm. PreK clubs end at 5pm and all others are dismissed at 5:30pm unless otherwise noted. See club terms and conditions at the bottom of the page.

If your child is currently enrolled in Global Connections, Chess Club, Dance Basic, Dance Club, Marching Band and/or TechBridge they are automatically enrolled for Term 3 and they will meet on the same day.
Yoga, PreK3, PreK4 – Monday Only
Enjoy kids Yoga! Yoga teachers kids to self-soothe and manage stress and anxiety, through body awareness, self-care, and the power of breath. Yoga builds strength, flexibility, and balance

Club Fun 3 Cooking – PreK3, Monday/Tuesday or Wednesday/Thursday
Calling all cooks, bakers and food lovers! Let’s find out what people around the world eat! Be ready to prepare your own food and eat it! Join us Tuesdays or Thursdays from 4:10 to 5:00pm

Art Club – PreK4, Kindergarten, Tuesday — Note: This club ends at 5pm
In this club we will explore literacy through art projects, songs, games, and plays! We will be picking some of our favorite children’ stories and expanding our love of books through the arts and music. This group will be full of fun and creativity.

Club Fun 4 Cooking – PreK4, Monday/Tuesday or Wednesday/Thursday
Calling all cooks, bakers and food lovers! Let’s find out what people around the world eat! Be ready to prepare your own food and eat it! Join us Tuesdays or Thursdays from 4:10 to 5:00pm

Fitness Club – Kindergarten, First Grade, Second Grade, Monday
It might be winter but that doesn’t mean you can’t stay active! We will enjoy firtness activities and stay moving to stay healthy.

Spanish Homework Club – Kindergarten & First Grade, Monday
Ms. Lorena will support students who need assistance completing their Spanish homework

Playdough Science – Kinder, First Grade, Second Grade, Tuesday
We will make our own playdough using flour and other ingredients and then make custom creations!

Lego Club – Kinder, First Grade, Second Grade Wednesday
Calling all Lego Builders! Love playing with Legos? Join us as we come together to build and create using Legos. The possibilities are endless!

Cooking Club – Kinder & First Grade, Tuesday
Work on your mashing, chopping, slicing, grinding, and stirring skills as you dream up and create recipes! No previous cooking experience required — just enthusiasm, and imagination, and a willingness to try new flavors.

Nature Club – Kinder, First Grade, Second Grade, Wednesday
Interested in plants, animals or the weather? Want to explore nature and become scientists? Join our Nature Club for crafts and exploration.

Basketball – Kinder & First Grade, Second Grade, Third Grade, Thursday
Enjoy basketball? Want to learn to play? We will focus on the fundamentals of the game and work on teamwork essentials.

Badminton – Second Grade, Third Grade, Wednesday
Come out to learn the basics of the game of badminton. Badminton is a sport in which players hit an object across the net.

DCB Yoga – Kinder, First Grade, Thursdays Note: Additional fees apply, contact for registration
Yoga teaches kids to self-soothe and manage stress and anxiety. Yoga builds strength, flexibility and balance.

Arctic Explorers – First Grade, Second Grade, Thursday – Pickup 5:15p-5:30p
Arctic Explorers will meet in the Bistro for a quick snack, then bundle up and hike down Rock Creek Church Road and into the small wooded area, where we will learn about navigating, trail maintenance, shelter-building, animal tracking, plant identification and more! Students will not be available for pick up until 5:15 each day since they will be away from the school building. MUST BRING GLOVES, A HAT, AND STURDY SHOES (preferably water resistant). Parents must also sign a liability waiver, found here.

Capoeira, First Grade, Second Grade – Friday, 1pm-2pm
Capoeira Angola is an Afro-Brazilian legacy that incorporates martial arts, dance, acrobatics, music, and philosophy. This club has separate registration and payment. Cost is $72 for 9 classes. Scholarships are available. Enrollment is a rst-come rst-served basis. Email Jenny Petrow at or call/text 202-344-6034 . We are also looking for a parent volunteer.

Reading Club – Second Grade, Wednesday
Students will learn how to become master readers.

Poetry Club – Third Grade, Fourth Grade, Fifth Grade, Tuesday
Students will focus on expressing and writing poetry.

Connections – Third Grade, Fourth Grade, Fifth Grade, Wednesday
Students in Connections will collaborate and decide on projects that better serve the community. With a community service focus, Connections allows for students to create projects that both impact and help their community.

Wrestling Club – Only if enrolled last term

SumGame – 4th & 5th Grade, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
Enjoy Sumdog? Like playing strategy games? Come join the SumGame club! After homework time, you’ll have an hour to improve your math on Sumdog or to play board & card games– your choice!

Flag Football – Fourth Grade, Fifth Grade, Monday
Come out to learn the basics of football! Flag Football will meet in La Plaza to play on the eld if weather permits.

Sprout Scouts – Fourth Grade, Fifth Grade, Thursday
Explore cooking, gardening and all things outdoors in this hands-on club.

Yearbook Editors – Fourth Grade, Fifth Grade, Thursday
Student Editors will learn how to create pages, write stories & take photos for the DCB 2016-2017 Yearbook!

Special Notes:

  • After 5:45 pm, there is a late pickup fee of $1 per minute; student can’t return to any clubs until paid

The following actions will result in expulsion from clubs for the rest of the term or year:


  • 3 pickups after 6:00 pm in one term
  • 2 or more club meetings missed without notice or repeated early pickups
  • 2 or more behavior warnings from club leader or one Tier 4 behavior


Springboard Education Programs