Board of Directors

Our Board

The DCB Board of Directors (BOD) meets Monthly with School Leadership and actively sets and monitors school goals and policy. By carefully watching the progress of DCB, the board enables decisions to sustain the school, further Bilingual Education and support the school staff. If you have questions for the board or would like more information on its function, contact

Susan Rosenbaum, Board Chair

I serve DCB because I believe educational excellence is the right of every child. DCB offers choice to families that may otherwise have none and the faculty and staff represent the very best of American education. I’m honored to serve with this exceptional Board committed to doing such meaningful work.

Blanca Guillen, Vice Chair

I serve because I’m committed to helping improve educational outcomes for DC youth. DCB shares my belief that a bilingual education fosters cultural awareness and a greater understanding of our multicultural society.

Gillian Brown, Board Treasurer

I appreciate and value the hard work, the dedication, the limitless aspirations and unwavering faith placed in me by all of my teachers throughout my academic career. That’s why I serve ­ to give back to the education community and in support of DCB’s mission to develop leaders while ensuring high, bilingual academic achievement for all students.

Cydney Peyton, Board Secretary

I serve because education is the most reliable path to socioeconomic mobility in our country. I support DCB because I believe expanding cultural boundaries is how we create effective and responsible global citizens for generations to come.

Antonio Payne, Finance Committee

I serve because I believe it is my obligation to make the world a better place and there is no better launching pad than our children. I support DCB because I believe in the mission and because I was raised in this community.

Michelle Ritchie, Finance Committee

I serve because I’m passionate about DC Bilingual and our mission. All kids deserve a strong foundation ­ great education within a supportive community ­ and bilingual education is an asset to development.

Mark Schreiber, Finance Committee

I serve because the future of every child must be bright and full of opportunity. A quality education is one of the greatest gifts we can give to our kids to ensure our best days are ahead of us.

Emma Snyder, DevComm Committee

I serve because I believe that schools should not only work to develop students’ academic skills, but should instill an authentic love of education, a respect for other people and cultures, and a curiosity about the world. DCB does this every day, and strives to do it better every year.

John Joaquin, DevComm Committee

I serve because education is a fundamental human right that can have the most positive impact on the trajectory of a person’s life. A high quality education should not be precluded from those with fewer resources, diverse backgrounds or whose families are new to the United States.

Matt King, Independent Committee

I serve because I believe the school environment is the best opportunity for people to build the types of lifelong bonds with individuals from different cultures and backgrounds necessary to generate truthful, holistic and compassionate worldviews.

Aaron Lemon-Strauss, Parent Member

I serve to support outstanding school leadership, motivated teachers, and inspiring students. My son comes home every day beaming about DCB, and I want to do all I can to support the remarkable educators who are doing this profound work.

Dara Zeehandelaar Shaw, Educational Excellence Committee

I serve because DC’s children are tomorrow’s global citizens and leaders. DCB is committed to preparing them for that role, and for success in school, career, and beyond. I’m honored to support DCB in that mission.

Suzi Marchena, Parent Board Member

I serve because I believe in DC Bilingual and their excellence in education. My family has personally benefited from the fantastic teachers and bilingual immersion program and I want to contribute to ensuring that families can take advantage of DCB for years to come.

Lester Matlock Ex-­officio

As a Founding parent of DCB, I wanted my children to have a bilingual education in a multicultural setting that was reflective of the world around them. I have since watched them and thousands of children blossom into confident future global leaders under the guidance and nurturing of amazing teachers and staff at DCB. I serve because it’s up to us to create the opportunities of a top-quality education our children deserve.