After-School Programs

After-School Programs

The Hive: DCB’s Unique After-School Program, Rooted in Project-Based Service Learning

To reach The Hive staff or if you anticipate being late picking up your student, please call 202.750.6674
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During Professional Development and Parent-Teacher Conference Days when school is out, Kids & Culture Camp will be accepting students into its program for the day. View this document,  then register. (Note, the registration link is password protected. Please view the document before registering.)

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The Program’s Mission:

“Our mission is to enrich, guide, and support our youth through the exploration of visual arts, performing arts, healthy lifestyles and academic enrichment while cultivating individuality and social responsibility in a bilingual, multicultural, safe and structured environment. We are driven by the belief that social activism, becoming bilingual, as well as learning the visual and performing arts are critical for developing well rounded, creative, thoughtful and intelligent global citizens.”

The Hive is an after-school program customized specifically for DC Bilingual PCS. The Hive adopts a project-based service learning approach to educating and engaging children’s multiple intelligences and creates a space allowing them to share their personal knowledge and experiences to create one common goal — serving the community. Similarly, to watching a group of bees in a hive is to see a frenzy of different interests fused into a single, clear thought.  

Creativity is said to be a social behavior where the collected experience and information shared by the participants generates ideas. Ideas don’t come from the one or two people in the room deemed most creative, but from the collective energy, experience and knowledge each individual brings to the group to share.  Bees in a hive must do something similar when deciding where to move the superorganism that is the swarm.

DC Bilingual’s mascot is the Bee, how fitting that it’s hub for creativity be The Hive, a program focuses on harvesting the experiences and knowledge of our students in a safe learning environment that is intentional about communicating to our students that we are all connected and invested in their development .